November 10, 2022

Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

Giving Trends

Have you ever been the recipient of someone’s generosity? More than 40% of American adults report they have not experienced generosity. However, 65% of practicing Christians say they have had the experience of someone being generous to them.

A new study from Barna Research explores what leads American adults to practice generosity. Their findings suggest those who practice generosity had this behaviour modeled for them.

Half of the respondents say their mother was the best example of generosity, while 35% say it was their father’s example. And for Christians… more than 60% point to Jesus as their example of generosity.

This data suggests that generosity is something that can be learned. Experiencing and seeing generosity is what inspires people to model generosity to others.

generosity chart

Why This Matters

Themes of generosity and gratitude are taught regularly in church, so practicing Christians have a higher chance of being exposed to acts of kindness and giving to others. When speaking to a Christian audience, it is likely that they already understand the concept of generosity and practice it in their everyday lives.

However, it’s worth noting that people who do not regularly attend church may not have experienced generosity to the same degree. This could be an important opportunity to model it for your audience and teach them by example.

Next Step

Click to learn more from Barna’s new report, Why Giving is Good, about what leads U.S. adults and Christians to practice generosity. Consider how you could help model generosity and educate your audience on the importance of this Godly characteristic.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash