February 17, 2022

Push Notifications

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Mobile Trends

The modern push notification can be used to convey information and updates, encourage users to engage with an app, send reminders, serve as a step in the user journey, and much more. They have the option to include media, action buttons, and can also be tailored to individual users.

BusinessofApps.com has published a thorough study on Push Notification Statistics in 2021 that is sure to help inform your strategy for 2022. This study includes statistics on the best time of day to send notifications, how often, opt-in rates, the importance of segmentation, engagement rates, and much more.

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Why This Matters

In the ongoing battle to keep users engaged in a highly competitive marketplace, push notifications can play a key role. They can also, however, be problematic if used thoughtlessly. Indeed, too many pushes can even cause users to uninstall an app entirely.

Next Step

If your organization has an app, ensure you have a thoughtful push notification strategy built on trustworthy statistics, user data, and app analytics to properly and intentionally engage your app users at the right time.