January 12, 2023

Product Launch Tips

Product Launch Tips

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Once you’ve launched a few products it can feel as though topics like this are “old hat,” but before you dismiss it too quickly, we’ll remind you that it’s good to revisit key marketing points and think through whether your current approach is still serving your audience and organization in the best way possible.

HubSpot has created a helpful Product Launch Checklist to guide the process. Here are two highlights:

Set a Goal for the Launch

If you’ve launched products before and generate predictable results you may be tempted to skip this step. Don’t! You should always have goals (and you should always have a launch!).

Plan Online Product Launches

Many of us are accustomed to launching products traditionally, but now, launching online should be a critical part of any product launch plan. Utilize testimonials, social media, and email campaigns, along with storytelling to help customers understand how your product will help them navigate shifts taking place in the world.

Product Launch Checklist

Why This Matters

Bringing a new product to market can be intimidating, and if it’s a new type of product it can be tricky to find the right positioning (especially if your employees or volunteers aren’t on board yet). Using tools such as product launch checklists will help ensure you set your product launches up for success.

Next Steps

Click the link to check out this step-by-step checklist for a successful product launch and consider if any of these steps need to be added to your own approach.

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