September 15, 2022

Mobile Giving – Is It In Your Toolkit?

people looking at phones

Technology Trends

You have likely noticed in your analytics how mobile devices outpace desktop computers for website visitors. In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, it is important to provide mobile visitors with a streamlined way to donate to your organization.

Mobile giving is on the rise and people appreciate the easy ways to donate from anywhere, at any time.

There are four main types of mobile giving:

  1. Text-to-Give – great for traditional or print media campaigns and simple for the donor
  2. Mobile-friendly donation forms – simple, easy to read on small screens, only asks for necessary information
  3. Venmo or PayPal giving options – most mobile devices are already connected to Venmo in the US or PayPal in the rest of the world, so this streamlines the donating process, although there are security concerns to consider
  4. Custom fundraising apps – this can create a quick way to donate from a mobile

Why This Matters

Blackbaud reports online giving grew by an average of 9% in 2021, and by more than 42% over the past three years. With at least 54% of website traffic coming from mobile devices (M + R Benchmarks 2022), it’s more critical than ever to create seamless donation paths for your visitors.

Next Step

Check out the tips and best practices for mobile fundraising, from Give WP, and consider if mobile could and should be a larger part of your fundraising toolkit.