April 7, 2023

Media Habits of Gen Z

Digital Trends

It’s no secret that individuals between the ages of 12 and 24 depend on their smartphones to interact with the world, but it may be surprising to learn that many people in Gen Z consider their mobile devices to be the centre of online existence.

A recent report from Edison Research shows that 93% of those in Gen Z in the United States own a smartphone. This amounts to almost 54,000,000 people. Of that, 95% use their phones to consume streaming video and 57% spend time every day listening to audio on their smartphone.

The Gen Z generation prefer listening to music, audio books, and podcasts rather than radio or SiriusXM. Only 37% of people in Gen Z said they listened to AM/FM radio in the past week, compared to 60% of people age 25+. Even while in their vehicle, Gen Z are more likely than older adults to listen to their owned digital music, podcasts, or online audio rather than AM/FM radio, SiriusXM, or to a CD player.

Why This Matters

Right now, Gen Z makes up 20% of the population and are becoming a major influence on media and culture. They see themselves as open minded and accepting, and are exposed to many different cultures and ways of thinking.

Gen Z are also true digital natives, and do not relate to a world without the Internet or digital technology. They prefer consuming digital media on their smartphone and are less inclined to seek out more traditional media than people over age 25. They are accustomed to having and want to have, full control of their digital experience.

Next Step

As an organization, are you providing content to audiences in their preferred formats, and in ways that will naturally attract them to your message? Even if Gen Z isn’t your key target demographic today, it is worth considering how they can be engaged sooner than later. To serve this group now will mean there is a greater opportunity to reach them when they do become your key target group. They will be well aware of your organization and may already be a consumer of your content.

You can learn more here about Gen Z and their media habits.

Photo by Canva.com