June 23, 2022

Is Print Marketing Dead?

man reviewing printed materials

Marketing Trends

While the world is increasingly glued to mobile devices, marketers and brands are favouring digital advertising over print ad spending. So is print marketing dead? Not necessarily.

FinancesOnline collected data from across multiple studies which reveals that print advertising continues to drive strong brand recall and is more trusted by consumers when making purchase decisions. Print requires 21% less cognitive effort to process, and readers typically spend 20 minutes or more with a publication in hand in comparison to less than five minutes for digital news.

Here are some more statistics on the impact of print advertising:

statistics on the impact of print advertising

Why This Matters

Though the print marketing industry is projected to experience a continued decline in ad spending and revenue, its impact on consumer brand recall and purchase decisions are worth considering. The effectiveness of an online campaign also increases by 400% when combining print and digital ads.

Next Step

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