June 9, 2022

How the Pandemic Changed Social Media

young woman taking a selfie

Social Media Trends

As the world shut down and social plans were cancelled practically overnight, many felt new levels of stress and more alone than ever before. People turned to social media to find a sense of connection and community.

The pandemic also shifted users’ expectations and preferences when it comes to how they interact with social platforms. Here are six social media trends that have developed, and are here to stay, according to HubSpot:

  1. Increase in users and time spent on social media
  2. Increase in video consumption
  3. Shift in best times to post on social media
  4. Shift in popular types of content
  5. Increase in influencer marketing
  6. New platforms developed out of a new need for community

Why This Matters

Due to these new trends, social media became the number one channel used in marketing as of 2021. In a world where social media has become one of the main ways to build relationships with your audience, agile digital strategies that can shift and adjust to developing trends is vital for success.

Next Step

Read the full article by HubSpot to read more on how the pandemic changed social media.