April 29, 2022

How iOS 15 is Impacting Email Marketers in 2022

checking email on the phone

Marketing Trends

Back in September 2021, Apple announced their iOS 15 data privacy changes that would reduce the visibility of email analytics for marketers, including access to user data, the ability to leverage location-based targeting, accurate click-through rate, accurate open rates, and the ability to A/B test subject lines.

Recently, HubSpot surveyed over 300 marketers who shared how they are adapting to these privacy changes. Here is how they responded:

  • 62% are prioritizing different KPIs to measure the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts
  • 52% are leveraging user data from sources unaffected by data privacy changes
  • 37% are leveraging channels other than email marketing
  • 28% are focusing on improving email deliverability

Why This Matters

Like any major online marketing strategy, email marketers must learn how to adapt to a changing world that continues to prioritize consumer privacy. Although privacy features will continue to evolve and pose new challenges for organizations, those who navigate them successfully will still be able to create experiences that feel personalized, memorable, and secure for online audiences.

Next Step

As privacy changes now affect certain data accuracy, ensure you are measuring the proper KPIs for your email marketing efforts such as clicks, web traffic, click maps, and unsubscribe rates. Click to read the full study.