April 7, 2022

How Entrepreneurs Manage Stress

runner tying shoes

Mental Health Trends

A survey of over 300 entrepreneurs revealed over 65% of respondents have experienced burnout and 59% struggle with a form of anxiety. Though not all founders revealed healthy coping mechanisms, most pointed to effective outlets for the pressure of entrepreneurship such as:

  • Exercise (73%)
  • Talking with family & friends (56%)
  • Engaging in hobbies (48%)
  • Meditation (35%)
  • Therapy (31%)

Why This Matters

Leading a team or building an organization requires a lot of time and energy. However, what you do in addition to your career responsibilities is vital to overall health. Feeding our spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual roots, has always been important to living a life that flourishes. To lead others and create thriving organizations, we must be healthy and balanced.

Next Step

Consider asking yourself each day if you have fed your “roots”. Think of ways to keep your mind and body nourished, but most importantly, prioritize time with God. Listening to worship music, writing out scripture, or listening to a sermon while getting outside for a walk are just a few ways we can grow our relationship with God and cope with all that we face each day. To learn more about other healthy coping mechanisms, read the full article here.