June 14, 2024

Great News for Digital Advertisers – Spotify Tracking Pixel

Advertising Trends

If you do any online advertising, then you’ll be glad to hear Spotify now has a pixel as part of their Ad Studio.

Pixels allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and learn more about what people do once they engage with them. Here are a few events you can measure with the new Spotify pixel:

• Web page visits
• Registrations and sign-ups
• Donations and purchases

Spotify has made it easy to install the pixel with simple instructions and a one-time setup.

Why This Matters

One of the benefits of digital advertising is how much you learn about your audience and their preferences from real-time analytics. Tracking pixels enhance this data, giving you more confidence in your return on investment and allowing you to better-target your ads for improved results. Because Spotify now has a pixel, the data will become more reliable across the platform.

Next Steps

If you’re currently or soon-to-be running Spotify ads, then take a few minutes today to add the Spotify pixel so you can benefit from the enhanced data it provides.

If you are curious about the value of Spotify ads, get in touch—we welcome a conversation to help you decide if this is a practical platform for your ministry.

For installation instructions, click here to where we’ve linked directly to the pixel page.

Is Spotify advertising part of your digital strategy for 2024? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Jonathan Andrews
Director of Media | jonathan@eaglecom.ca