March 24, 2023

Digital Giving is Growing, But Not Everyone Trusts the Technology

Giving Trends

The expansive growth of electronic giving methods has resulted in an increased preference for online giving for many donors. In fact, new research from Barna indicates more than 40% of Americans now prefer digital forms of giving.

This new generation of digital donors are interested in technological innovation and are often early adopters, ahead of their analog peers. They trust these new forms of giving and have confidence in the tools available.

However, only one in three analog donors have this same trust in digital giving. Barna’s research shows a difference between these donors—84% of digital donors and 66% of analog donors feel their personal information is safe when giving online. The rest aren’t so sure. Many analog donors have a low level of trust in the safety of online giving and are skeptical of whether their donation will reach the organization should they make an online gift.

Why This Matters

Charities are experiencing a generational shift when it comes to donors, as Millennials and Gen Z donors (more often digital donors) begin to outnumber Boomer and Gen X donors (more often analog donors). During the transition, organizations will benefit from continuing to support analog giving while also integrating digital giving options.

As technological innovations and online security continue to improve, gathering positive experience and testimonials from digital donors may help build trust in online giving options with analog donors.

Next Step

Whether your organization has embraced digital giving or is still hesitant, this new Barna research will help you understand how to connect and build trust with different types of donors.  Click here to read more.
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