May 10, 2024

Building Community with a Companion Podcast

Media Trends

There’s a growing trend in media: Companion Podcasts. These podcasts extend the life of popular television shows by offering superfans a chance to engage more deeply with the stories, casts, and creators. This approach to podcasting not only maintains interest between episodes but also deepens fans’ connection to the series.

With over 500 million listeners worldwide and the average American tuning into 8 podcasts per week, podcasts are a great format for reaching a wider audience with the gospel and life-changing stories. In fact, almost half (47%) of the U.S. population 12+ have listened to a podcast in the last month! Although most ministries we serve are already publishing their radio broadcast programs on podcast platforms, if you are looking for new ways to take your ministry’s message further and deepen the connection with your audience, you may want to consider a companion podcast.

Why This Matters

Imagine the impact of adding a companion podcast series that dives deeper, explores new perspectives, or answers your listeners’ burning questions inspired by your main content, making your audience feel heard and valued. A companion podcast can provide a richer, more interactive experience for your community. It also provides a space for various voices from your community—other pastors or guest speakers—to contribute, thus enhancing the diversity and richness of your content.

Next Steps

If you are interested in broadening the scope of your podcasting efforts, start by identifying the topics that resonate most with your audience or areas where they seek more guidance. Consider different formats: perhaps a monthly panel discussion, a weekly listener Q&A, or a series of episodes focusing on practical applications of spiritual teachings. Ensure each episode links back to the episodes or sermons on your main podcast to maintain coherence and continuity.

Do you listen to Companion Podcasts? What is it about their content you enjoy?

Jonathan Andrews
Director of Media |