August 25, 2022

Benefits of Experiential Marketing

girl looking through window with neon ights

Marketing Trends

“Experiential marketing” is a strategy which invites an audience to play an active role in creating or shaping a brand experience. These types of experiences help people forge an emotional connection and build community, which leads to loyalty and retention.

Here are a few examples of ways organizations have effectively used experiential marketing:

  • The M&M candy company created “Flavour Rooms” as an immersive pop-up experience in New York City. Each room was outfitted with décor and fragrances unique to a certain flavour, allowing guests to enjoy snacks and M&M-themed drinks
  • The delivery service DoorDash set up food-themed inflatable obstacle courses on college campuses to draw attention to the obstacles their delivery drivers face
  • Misereor, a German NGO that works to combat hunger, created an initiative called SocialSwipe and set up digital posters in airports. The poster displayed a loaf of bread and was equipped with a card reader. When someone swiped their card for a small fee, the image moved to look like the bread was being sliced. A thank-you note was added to the donor’s bank statement with a link to turn their one-time donation into a monthly one

A credit card swipe through the poster donated to Misereor and triggered an interactive experience

Why This Matters

Many organizations choose digital-first or digital-only marketing due to its large reach, accessibility and affordability. However, this has created a hunger for in-person, physical connection with brands and non-profits. If you are looking for ways to deepen your relationships with donors, consider events and experiences designed to invite them into your organization. Experiential marketing can help you better-understand your constituents and may even inform how you operate in the future.

Next Step

Read the article and consider whether experiential marketing should be included in your organization’s overall marketing plan.