January 19, 2023

Are you a Splitter or a Blender?

Are you a Splitter or a Blender?

Workplace Trends

With the uptick in hybrid and remote work, life and work are being blended more than ever before. However, blended workdays aren’t everyone’s preference, according to new research from Gallup.

Workers in the United States were asked whether they preferred a job where work and life were separated, or one where work and life were blended. Survey respondents reported a 50-50 tie between preferring a split work/life or a blended one.

Splitters and Blenders by Job Type

Both splitters and blenders can thrive working either at home or in the office, but the way they work differs. A splitter will maintain a work schedule in any location, while a blender may work more flexible hours—even when the office isn’t open.

Why This Matters

Managers may assume because an employee is working in the office they prefer splitting, but this may not be the case at all. Not knowing how a staff member works best could lead to low engagement, feelings of disrespect, and even burnout.

Understanding how employees prefer to work may be as simple as asking them the question of what their best work life looks like to them. It’s important for managers to know how their employees like to work and provide opportunities for them to engage in their preferred work style.

Next Steps

With half of workers preferring blending and half wanting a split, it’s important to support both options as much as possible in the workplace. Learn more about these different work relationships at this link and consider how this conversation could be brought forward at your organization.

Photo from Canva.com