February 10, 2022

10 Ways to Build Leadership Communities

looking up at tall buildings from street level

Business Trends

Building a strong community of leaders has become critical within organizations as the world continues to become more complex and uncertain. Below are 10 characteristics of leadership communities that help build a greater sense of belonging within organizations, according to bestselling author Vince Molinaro:

  1. Have clarity on the strategic direction of the organization
  2. Create excitement about the future
  3. Share a common aspiration to be great as leaders
  4. Lead with a united front and a one-company mindset
  5. Hold each other accountable on unproductive leadership behaviour
  6. Celebrate success and key milestones
  7. Break down silos and collaborate effectively
  8. Keep internal politics and personal agendas to a minimum
  9. Demonstrate resilience and resolve in the face of adversity
  10. Support one another and have each other’s backs

Why This Matters

The world has never been more connected, yet many of us feel more disconnected than ever before. This lack of social connection can have a detrimental impact on both leaders and their team, putting the future of the company at risk. Building a strong community of leaders in your organization enables you to successfully execute on strategy, drive growth, and deliver results.

Next Step

Reflecting on the 10 characteristics of a strong community of leaders, ask yourself if this describes your organization’s leadership culture. If not, what changes can you make today to encourage your team to move in this direction?