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Smart Speakers and Moms

Technology Trends Smart Speakers have effectively disrupted the home technology industry in a way that may make you feel like you’re in an episode of The Jetsons. The AI-powered interface can play your favourite playlist, answer questions, set timers, give you reminders, and even control other smart devices within your home. A recent survey from

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Landing Page Optimization Best Practices

Digital Trends In the simplest terms, a dedicated landing page is focused on one clear call to action, which encourages visitors to complete a specific action. This could be anything from signing up for a newsletter to donating. When creating your next landing page, here are some best practices to consider from Toptal: Publish relevant

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How Cost-of-Living Affects Workplace Stress

Business Trends A recent survey of over 3,800 across the U.K, U.S., and Australia found that 61% of employees say the stress resulting from cost-of-living increases is negatively impacting their work. Half of all respondents also reported their mental health has deteriorated since the start of the pandemic and only 38% feel their mental health

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Is Print Marketing Dead?

Marketing Trends While the world is increasingly glued to mobile devices, marketers and brands are favouring digital advertising over print ad spending. So is print marketing dead? Not necessarily. FinancesOnline collected data from across multiple studies which reveals that print advertising continues to drive strong brand recall and is more trusted by consumers when making

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The Impact of Sleep on Charitable Giving

Giving Trends A recent study by Casper-Gallup looked at the state of sleep among Americans. One notable result from this survey was the relationship between sleep and charitable activities. Those who say their sleep was generally “excellent” or “very good” over the past 30 days were more likely to report having donated to charity, volunteered

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How the Pandemic Changed Social Media

Social Media Trends As the world shut down and social plans were cancelled practically overnight, many felt new levels of stress and more alone than ever before. People turned to social media to find a sense of connection and community. The pandemic also shifted users’ expectations and preferences when it comes to how they interact

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11 Copywriting Tips to Improve Conversions

Copywriting Trends Conversion copywriting uses engaging and persuasive language to motivate readers to take a specific action. Here are 11 copywriting tips to improve conversions according to the CEO of Lately, Kate Bradley Chernis: Write with confidence and be direct. Avoid words like ‘think, just, probably, maybe’, etc. Remove the phrase ‘check out’ from your

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Parents Are Concerned About Their Children’s Spiritual Development

Faith Trends A recent Barna study conducted in 2021 shows that most parents, regardless of religious identity or faith practice, are concerned about their children’s spiritual development and want them to have a healthy relationship with spirituality. Christian parents—especially those who are practicing Christians—are the most adamant about this. Nearly all parents say they are

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The Snapchat Generation

Digital Trends According to Snapchat, 50% of their daily users fall between the ages of 18 and 24 and use this popular social media app to connect, communicate, and create. They are redefining the shopping experience, seeking to build better connections with brands, and sharing every moment along the way. The Snapchat Generation is extremely

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