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Sonic Logos May Be the Next Big Thing in Advertising

Audio Trends Have you heard the term “sonic logos” before? It’s the new wave of short audio tones that make up a brand soundtrack. Think of sonic logos as shorter variations of jingles, ear worms, or even trending audio. These catchy snippets of sound can get into our heads and make a big impact on

Top Ways Search is Changing

Digital Trends Search has gone mobile, with 54% of consumers choosing to search for information on their phones. The generation that isn’t mobile-first when it comes to search is the Boomer generation, with only 35% choosing their phones over any other device when searching for answers. And while 86% of consumers still say search engines

Remote Work is Critical for Women with Children

Workplace Trends The pandemic shutdowns forced millions of women to leave the workforce, due to factors such as loss of work, school closures, and loss of childcare. Now, as the economy stabilizes and labour sectors reopen, the numbers of women in the workforce are back to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, according to Insider, almost 78%

QR Codes are Driving Engagement in 2023

Digital Trends QR Codes aren’t new technology, but they spiked in popularity with organizations and businesses during the pandemic and are continuing to drive engagement for many brands. Once seen as an information-sharing tool, QR Codes are now being used to help bridge the gap between in-person and online connection. In July 2023, Bitly reported

What Non-Believers Need from Christians

Evangelism Trends Did you know 65% of people who claim they have no faith know someone who follows Jesus? Among those, 45% have had conversations with their Christian friend about their faith. A recent survey from Barna asked non-believers what they look for in conversations with Christians. The top responses were: Why This Matters Respondents

What’s the Biggest Podcast Platform?

Podcasting Trends Which platform has more than two billion users and is the most popular place to listen to podcasts? Spotify? …Nope. Apple Podcasts? …Nope. The answer is YouTube. Even though YouTube isn’t a podcasting platform, more people consume podcasts (audio and video) there than anywhere else. Why This Matters For audio podcasts, YouTube may

Our 100th Edition!

When I realized this week marks our 100th edition of Eagle’s Perspective, it got me thinking about the significance of the number 100. For me, it conjured up memories of wanting to see this mark on a school exam, or the age I hope to reach. What thoughts come to your mind when you encounter

Donors Still Want to Give, Survey Finds

Fundraising Trends Believe it or not, most donors say the pandemic has had no effect on their donation habits. And yet, around 75% of non-profit professionals say they’re concerned about current economic situation leading to fewer donations, according to a recent report from Blackbaud. These concerns are certainly justifiable. There are many people who are

Time Off is Good for Your Health and Your Workplace

Workplace Trends Time away from work is important. It is time set aside to recharge, it helps reduce burnout, and it allows you to prioritize your well-being. So why do so many people skip their earned time off? The U.S. Travel Association reported that each year more than half of Americans give up paid days