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Time Off is Good for Your Health and Your Workplace

Workplace Trends Time away from work is important. It is time set aside to recharge, it helps reduce burnout, and it allows you to prioritize your well-being. So why do so many people skip their earned time off? The U.S. Travel Association reported that each year more than half of Americans give up paid days

Young Christians Want to Act on Creation Care

Environmental Trends Recently, Tearfund and A Rocha Canada released survey results showing that, “young church-going Christians see the care for creation as a gospel issue and are eager to see the church take leadership.” Here are some key findings: • 92% believe that caring for creation is an essential act of discipleship and the Church’s

How to Build Trust on Social Media

Social Media Trends Have you ever donated towards someone’s birthday fundraiser on Facebook or bought a novelty product on Instagram? If so, did you know you’re in the minority? In early 2023, HubSpot released a trends report analyzing consumer’s trust-level when it comes to spending money on social media. They surveyed 600+ U.S. adults and

Here’s Why Your Ministry Needs a Digital Strategy

Digital Trends Did you know that more people have the Internet than clean drinking water? As shocking as this sounds, technology continues to innovate at a rapid pace, and has created an expansive digital mission field that can connect people instantly, anywhere. YouTube is at the center of this revolution. With more than two billion

Digital Natives, Yet Office Naïve

Workplace Trends At the beginning of the pandemic, tech savvy office workers spent a lot of time teaching their less tech savvy counterparts how to transfer their day-to-day work activities from in-person to online. This was a steep learning curve for many, and now, just as people are starting to return to the office—either on

Handwritten Notes Strengthen Bonds

Sales Trends Did you know that thank-you notes can increase future customer spending by 2x? According to a report from an online retailer, customers who received a handwritten note or photocopy of a handwritten note spent 100.5% more than customers who received no note. Why This Matters Handwritten notes make people feel cared for and

How to Become More Visible on Instagram

Social Media Trends It takes a lot of creative thought and energy to post on Instagram. Square images for the feed, carousel posts for engagement, Reels for discovery, and Stories for behind the scenes. So, it’s understandable to be disappointed when there’s a decided lack of likes, views, and comments. What gives? Many people blame

Billboard Advertising… Works?

Advertising Trends For years, billboard advertising has been seen as dated and ineffective by many digital marketers. Until billboards started going viral on social media, that is. Placed in high-traffic areas in cities and on highways, billboards are part of the out-of-home advertising (OOH) category, which also includes bus shelters, wallscapes, and posters. Thanks to

Threads: Twitter’s Competitor Has Arrived

Social Media Trends Around 48 hours ago, Meta officially launched Threads, a new social media platform created for sharing text updates and participating in public conversations. The response has been nothing short of buzzworthy. In its first few hours there were 10 million sign-ups, which grew to 30 million users by mid-morning. Amidst the excitement,

Twitter, but for Instagram People