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So, What’s Different? A Christmas Message

For over six decades, I’ve had the privilege of hearing and reading outstanding messages about the wonder of Christmas, the reason for the season, and the true meaning of a gift. Wise men and women have expressed their thoughts and have caused me to think more deeply about this festive time of year. And so,

Broadcast Channels Now Available on Facebook

Social Media Trends For the past few weeks, Meta has been rolling out broadcast channels to Facebook and Messenger content creators. This one-to-many messaging feature is a throwback to more traditional broadcasting with a twist—while messages can only be sent from the channel creator, followers can engage with the text, photos, video, voice notes, or

Why Website Accessibility Matters

Digital Trends Aside from allowing more people to access and use your website, there are many benefits for ensuring your website is accessible. Here are a few: Larger user base Potential revenue increase Higher search engine rankings Community building Meeting legal compliance In the United States, it’s reported that 27% of the population lives with

6 Strategies for Preventing Volunteer Burnout

Nonprofit Trends For many organizations, volunteers are an important part of day-to-day activities. But how do you keep volunteers interested and engaged with the work? Here are six strategies suggested by Eventgroove: Develop growth in volunteer roles Offer leadership opportunities Regularly recognize their efforts Engage technology Connect with your volunteers Create a volunteer management program

Connection Leads to Growth

Marketing Trends The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our day-to-day lives is continuing to expand. It’s an exciting time technologically, as AI essentially levels the playing field online for what organizations can accomplish. As the world becomes more and more digital-first, many industries are weighing what technologies to invest in so they can make

Who Will Take Over Once Older Pastors Retire?

Leadership Trends A recent report from Barna indicates that the pipeline from retiring pastors to replacement pastors isn’t quite connecting for many churches. While older pastors are doing a good job preparing for retirement, “churches are struggling to set up a new generation for leadership as the older one prepares to step aside.” Although most

Using Present Tense Matters

Communication Trends The art of rhetoric is often misunderstood as manipulative or pushy. Really, it’s the art of effective communication and persuasion using literary devices and compositional techniques. For example, preaching relies on a few familiar tactics to keep attention and inspire action. These often include: Storytelling Sharing personal experiences Relating a biblical principle to

Sonic Logos May Be the Next Big Thing in Advertising

Audio Trends Have you heard the term “sonic logos” before? It’s the new wave of short audio tones that make up a brand soundtrack. Think of sonic logos as shorter variations of jingles, ear worms, or even trending audio. These catchy snippets of sound can get into our heads and make a big impact on

Top Ways Search is Changing

Digital Trends Search has gone mobile, with 54% of consumers choosing to search for information on their phones. The generation that isn’t mobile-first when it comes to search is the Boomer generation, with only 35% choosing their phones over any other device when searching for answers. And while 86% of consumers still say search engines