Giving is Predicted to Increase in ’24 & ’25

Giving Trends The past few years have been disruptive and filled with uncertainty as we experienced a worldwide pandemic, racial justice movements, stock market fluctuations, and high inflation rates. That is why the average giving growth rate for the past decade has only been 1.9% and in 2022, we even saw a 3.4% drop in

Building Community with a Companion Podcast

Media Trends There’s a growing trend in media: Companion Podcasts. These podcasts extend the life of popular television shows by offering superfans a chance to engage more deeply with the stories, casts, and creators. This approach to podcasting not only maintains interest between episodes but also deepens fans’ connection to the series. With over 500

TikTok Ban? Let’s Strategize!

Social Media Trends TikTok’s been all over the news lately, and not just for dance trends. Last week, U.S. President Joe Biden signed a bill that threatens the app’s future. If TikTok’s parent company ByteDance doesn’t find a non-Chinese buyer within nine months, the app may be completely banned in the United States due to

How Well Do You Really Know Others?

Market Research Trends It has always been my belief that we at Eaglecom have been called to know people, and know how to reach them. While there are various ways to learn about people, finding a balance between in-depth demographic data collection and respecting individual privacy is crucial. This issue is particularly relevant when addressing

The Key to Your Fundraising Success?

Fundraising Trends The fundraising world is rapidly shifting towards embracing technology, enhancing how we connect with supporters and opening up new funding opportunities. According to a 2022 Blackbaud survey, organizations that embrace technology excel in keeping their supporters satisfied and loyal, and often exceed their fundraising goals. In this digital age, charities are using tech

LinkedIn Strategies for Non Profits

Social Media Trends You may wonder why LinkedIn is worth considering when it comes to your social strategy. This social networking site has been around for a while and has primarily been known as a space where professionals can connect and find job opportunities. Yet lately, digital marketers are starting to pay attention to the

Which Social Network Is The Right One For Your Organization?

Social Media Trends Believe it or not, social media has existed in various forms since 1997. Despite the continual advancement of technology and the introduction of new platforms each year, most social media networks have seen only moderate growth recently, as noted in a new Pew Research Center study. Although YouTube and Facebook continue to

The Rising Impact of SMS Marketing on Consumer Behavior

Communication Trends A recent study from Vibes offers a fascinating glimpse into the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Three-quarters of U.S. consumers indicated purchasing as a direct result of SMS messages from companies, proving the undeniable power of text messaging in influencing buyer decisions. The Vibes’ Mobile Consumer Insights Report revealed that not only do 60%

Do You Trust AI?

AI Trends It probably comes as no surprise that recent surveys indicate older generations are skeptical of AI at best and outright distrustful at worst. A report from Barna indicates 45% of Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) say they don’t trust AI, compared to 25% of Gen X, 21% of Millennials, and 18% of