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Teen Life on Social Media

Social Media Trends The hyperconnected nature of social media has led to concerns about its negative impact on teenagers’ mental health. However, despite the drama and chaos social media can create, teens report that these platforms help strengthen their friendships and offers support. Here are a few of the key findings from Pew Research Center’s

Life of Teens

The HOW and WHY of Online Purchases

Social Media Trends One of the most popular hashtags on social media right now is #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. This hashtag focuses on peer reviews and its virality has been directly responsible for products flying off the shelves of retailers across the continent. A recent report from Pew Research Center about online shopping habits reported more than 30%


The Importance of Colour Psychology in Marketing

Marketing Trends In the commerce world, buying decisions are believed to be heavily influenced by branding, and colour (also known as “color” by our American friends) psychology plays an important role in effective branding. Marketers believe consumers consider colour more than any other factor when making a purchase (either consciously or unconsciously), so choosing the


Seasonal Spending and Giving Cutbacks

Giving Trends New data released on December 5 from Angus Reid Institute finds that 56% of Canadians plan on spending less this Christmas, including cutting back on decorations, entertainment and presents. When it comes to charitable giving, many people plan to cut back on that too: 37% of people surveyed report they’ve scaled back charitable

Donations Returning to 2019-2020 Levels

Giving Trends November 29th was GivingTuesday, the unofficial launch of the giving season. With many calendar year-end campaigns launching, RKD Group has published eight non-profit fundraising trends to help set our expectations. Here are a few of those trends that are worth highlighting: Fewer people are giving more money | In 2018, 49.6% of American

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Digital Alphas

Marketing Trends The newest generation is Generation Alpha, which includes anyone born in 2010 or later. A survey conducted by GWI found Generation Alpha’s use of social media after school now outpaces their time spent watching television shows or movies. When much of the world was in lockdown due to the pandemic, six out of

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Projected Decline in Christianity

Religion Trends It’s very likely you know people who have announced their decision to leave the Christian faith lately. Recent modelling from Pew Research indicates that the number of American Christians could fall by at least 10% if these trends continue. In 2020, an estimated 64% of Americans claimed to be Christians. Depending on how

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Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

Giving Trends Have you ever been the recipient of someone’s generosity? More than 40% of American adults report they have not experienced generosity. However, 65% of practicing Christians say they have had the experience of someone being generous to them. A new study from Barna Research explores what leads American adults to practice generosity. Their

Seeing Kindness Inspires Kindness

Guess Who Loves Subtitles? It’s Gen Z!

Streaming Trends These days more than half of all television viewers watch shows with subtitles, but these numbers skew much higher for younger viewers. Preply recently surveyed 1,200 Americans to gain insight into why and how it relates to the way we consume content. Here’s the breakdown for who’s using subtitles most of the time: