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God always answers prayer in a way that will give Himself glory.”

Pastor Adrian Rogers

40 Days of Prayer for America

When we pray, God does amazing things. He saves sinners, heals the sick, repairs broken marriages, fills churches, and causes those who once hated one another to be filled with love.

Beginning September 24th, Love Worth Finding will direct our focus on the radio and television broadcasts to be one of an emphasis of prayer.   

By visiting, listeners and viewers will be invited to download a 40-day prayer guide to use as a daily devotional broken into sections on family, friends and neighbors, our churches, cities, states, nations and the world.

On Wednesdays on the daily broadcast, we will also delve deeper into the topic of prayer throughout September and October. There will also be supporting articles as well as video messages available on our website.

This Month’s Gift with Donation

For those who contribute financially to Love Worth Finding this month, they will have the special offer of choosing between two books as our expression of gratitude!   

Keeping in the theme of our focus during this month, they can choose from Standing for Light and Truth or The Battle for the Soul of America.   

The former book offers guidance to those who desire to live with integrity and treasure the truth of God and His Word . . . the latter containing timeless, foundational principles about human government, all rooted in biblical truth.

Guide to Studying Your Bible bookmark

The ministry of Adrian Rogers has created a helpful bookmark for daily use when studying the Word of God. As your on-air hosts have time, please encourage listeners and viewers to contact the ministry by telephone at 800-274-5683 and ask for their free copy!

What a great gift to give away as well!

Thank you for your commitment to the gospel and the ministry of Adrian Rogers. We are so thankful for your partnership.

Monthly resources for October are now available, so please let me know if I can be of further service. I can be reached by email at or by phone at (972) 824-8449.

Warmly In Christ,

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